Re: Easiest/cheapest way to 6m/2m/70cm?

Jim Smith G0OFE

Microwave Modules....   ah, them were the days. I am still using one of their pre-amps on 2m.... 35 years old and still going strong.

I am using one of the transverters from Ukraine for 6m.. as a recieve converter into my Perseus. never used it on TX but on RX it works very well.

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In days of old, we’d have turned to Microwave Modules…



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Subject: [SDR-Radio] Easiest/cheapest way to 6m/2m/70cm?


I have Hermes Lite 2 which seems now to be working extremely well with SDRC as a very effective HF station and GC HF receiver.

Now I am looking to have a play with other bands, particularly 50 MHz, but also maybe 2m and 70cms. Just wondered if there are any opinions on how best to achieve this with SDRC and maybe also the HL2?

I can see there are some very well priced 6m/2m/70cm transverters from the Ukraine on eBay. Has anyone got any experience of these units?

If not transverter (or perhaps a different model) then what else? I thought initially Pluto, but it does not seem to go low enough in frequency? Maybe 70 MHz but not as low as 50MHz?

Suggestions? I don't want to spend big bucks as usual! 

Many thanks


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