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Ray, W4BYG <w4byg@...>

I have a never used outside, California Amplifier phase locked block down converter for C-band 3.625 to 4.2 MHz, model 140001.  it has 20 db gain and requires +16 to 24 VDC at 250 ma. 
It outputs 950 to 1525 MHz.  It has an "N' female input and an "F" output.  20 degree noise temperature.  It was used only for a few lab tests.  I have the original data sheet.  It is missing the cover which would not be hard to replicate.

It is trading material, or make offer.  What have you?
Ray, W4BYG

On 5/29/2020 21:50, martin m3ghe wrote:
Ideally you want a C band LNB, then you can use any of the radios you mention. But finding a cheap one maybe not so easy.


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