Re: #LimeSDR Transmit Anomaly #limesdr


That may not be particularly good for CW, AM, PM, FM, and digital modes. For SSB and SSB generated digital modes it's ideal.


On 20200530 08:48:25, MikeC wrote:
I agree about the levels. Anything above about -10dBm output causes distortion so there needs to be and amplifier for whatever you are using.
I also rather agree about the offset frequency, I always set it to 0Hz and then the spur is where your carrier would be in SSB. If the tx cal is done and the output level is not above -10dBm the spur is very low.
Maybe I was lucky with the hanging problem being solved by adding the 50ms tx delay, but it did fix it on the slower pc – I think....
This noise problem is the one that is causing me most concern at the moment particularly if you are running any power.
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