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I have two pcs. On the fast one (I7) I do not see the no transmission problem, but on the slower one (I5) I seem to see it often. It seems to not stop properly at the end of a transmission and therefore will not start another. Stopping or closing causes the program to hang.


I found that on my slow pc selecting 50ms on the tx streaming delay seemed to fix the problem and I could not make it do it. I have attached a picture of the setting screen. It is in Options, Radio Configuration. I found that any non zero delay here fixed it. I hope it solves that problem for you.


This noise problem is very strange, interesting that you may have seen a similar thing.




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Yes. I have also seen very dirty transmitting most often and aclean signal sometimes. I do not know how.

Regarding the no transmission issue ... It used to happen quite often. Once every hour or so. Now with newest version of SDRC it happens very seldom with my i3 laptop running win10, maybe once every 5 hours, but if happens very often with my i5 running win7. I found out that transmission lacks audio, no Tune nor Tone either but if I push Drive all the way to 100% then I see that LimeMini is actually transmitting the DC central spur very visible 0.9KHz below the nominal transmitting frequency if TX offset is set to 0KHz instead the 25kHz default. 

By the way... How can I add your 50mw? I would love to try it.


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