Re: DDE behaviour

Tom Crosbie G6PZZ

Not knowing what an orbitron rotator is, I googled it…I guess I need to look further…


Orbitron Rotators


…(with platform) Load limit: 2.25 lbs. Orbitron Rotator Model I Used in a variety of applications including mixing blood samples, coupling chromatography media and DNA extractions 23° fixed tilt angle Fixed speed: 20 orbits per minute Orbitron Rotator Model II Used in labs that require…

Related Products: Tube Rotator


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From: <> On Behalf Of M0ZEH
Sent: 30 May 2020 10:13
Subject: [SDR-Radio] DDE behaviour


HI Guys,

I've noticed if you click the minimize window button on satellites window the dde stops being transmitted for orbitron rotator.  When I maximise the dde resumes.

Thanks Steve M0ZEH

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