Re: Which SDR for pan adaptor on a 9MHz IF output?

Chris Wilson

Hello EB4APL,

Saturday, May 23, 2020

As far as I can see there are only bandpass filters in front of the
IF tap, most users of FTdx-5000 sets seem to use it for their
external panadaptor, but thanks for the heads up. I have decided to
keep it cheap and simple and use a (admittedly USB...) Softrock Lite
II on 9MHz for now to see how I get on with this thing. Thank you to
all who have replied, appreciated.

Best regards,
Chris 2E0ILY mailto:chris@...

E> Hi Chris,

E> I don't know the FTdx-5000, but unless this IF output is specifically
E> intended for panadapters, you will be disappointed when you connect any
E> SDR there. The panadapter must be connected to any IF before the
E> selective filters, usually to the first IF, if there is a filter before
E> the tap point the bandwidth shown in the panadapter is almost useless.

E> My recommendation is to study your radio documentation and schematic
E> before buying any SDR for panadapter. After trying it with the second IF
E> output in my radio (not a FTdx-5000) and finding this output bandwidth
E> unusable, I made a tap in the first IF (73.115 MHz) before the roofing
E> filter. This frequency is adequate for using a RTL-SDR tv dongle,
E> something so cheap that I installed it inside the radio and installed an
E> USB socket in the back panel.

E> You say that you can not use USB, this limits very much the selection of
E> the SDR receiver that you can buy.

E> Regards,

E> Ignacio, EB4APL

E> El 23/05/2020 a las 13:51, Chris Wilson escribió:

23 May 2020

Looking for a new SDR that will interface to the 9MHz IF out on an
FTdx-5000, as a bandscope, and also as a general purpose SDR.

Which should I be looking at please, for HF? It must use ethernet, I
cannot abide USB ;) Thanks.

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