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Simon Brown



Wrong list I think?


Simon Brown, G4ELI


From: <> On Behalf Of Pete Ferrand
Sent: 24 May 2020 06:42
Subject: [SDR-Radio] HL2 CW Power Output control #cw


Hi Simon et al:


I made a video to illustrate the difficulty with setting the power level in cw mode with my HL2 build 9, under Windows 10/64.


I am endeavoring to demonstrate that the cw output can indeed be reduced to about a watt as indicated correctly on the power output meter using the OP slider. However, when I pause, the HL2 drops out of transmit, and when I close the key again the power is back up to the full 5 watts.


I am grounding only the tip of the front panel jack using a mercury relay driven by the AEA MM3 keyer. The gateware I am using is 71p1 which is otherwise satisfactory and can be seen here:


The p2 version works identically in regard to the cw output level.

The power output in cw does not have this issue in PowerSDR.


The video can be downloaded from my Dropbox at:


Sorry to give you more work but I hope this helps.





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