Re: SDR console and SatPC32



Lol, trust me I know all too well, this is not actually that easy to explain and I have hours of trying different settings and research, this is the closest I have come. I have had SDR Console Controlling my TX of the Rig while running the SDR receiver and it controls the doppler great the rotor great. I just could not get passed the delay my HF rig this is not an issue because I mute the RX, but on Sats I listen to the RX thru a headset. If you like I can send you a video of what I have going on. Now if there is a way to get SDR Console and Omni rig to run the RX of the IC-910 with the SDR receive and control the TX of the 910 that would allow me to just use SDR console for everything. The picture I am including shows how I have DX labs DX commander linked to the SDR Console, but without console being linked to omni rig it will not allow me to tell the SDR to use the IF of my transceiver. Hope this helps. Joe W4WT thanks for your input as well.


Ian – KC3KOP

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