Re: Which SDR for pan adaptor on a 9MHz IF output?


Hi Chris,

I don't know the FTdx-5000, but unless this IF output is specifically intended for panadapters, you will be disappointed when you connect any SDR there. The panadapter must be connected to any IF before the selective filters, usually to the first IF, if there is a filter before the tap point the bandwidth shown in the panadapter is almost useless.

My recommendation is to study your radio documentation and schematic before buying any SDR for panadapter. After trying it with the second IF output in my radio (not a FTdx-5000) and finding this output bandwidth unusable, I made a tap in the first IF (73.115 MHz) before the roofing filter. This frequency is adequate for using a RTL-SDR tv dongle, something so cheap that I installed it inside the radio and installed an USB socket in the back panel.

You say that you can not use USB, this limits very much the selection of the SDR receiver that you can buy.


Ignacio, EB4APL

El 23/05/2020 a las 13:51, Chris Wilson escribió:
23 May 2020

Looking for a new SDR that will interface to the 9MHz IF out on an
FTdx-5000, as a bandscope, and also as a general purpose SDR.

Which should I be looking at please, for HF? It must use ethernet, I
cannot abide USB ;) Thanks.

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