Re: SDR console and SatPC32

Simon Brown



Arg – this is the sort of combination of toys which makes my head spin at times, I’m no longer as mentally agile as I was 20 years ago :( . I’ll map this out later today and work out what’s happening and get a solution. I have work to do in this area anyway, so best get started.


Just FWIW you can control the IC-910 with SDR Console’s satellite tracking, but let me think about this combination of yours.


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Sent: 23 May 2020 04:55
Subject: [SDR-Radio] SDR console and SatPC32


Let me first say I do like your software,  I have used it for satellite work and it does work nice as far as doppler and rotor control. For Linear sats I just could not handle the delay in the RX when I would transmit so I switched to Satpc32 to control my rig and use my rig for RX/TX but I miss the waterfall. My rig is an IC-910 with a pan adapter off the IF output and I managed to get satpc32 to link to DX commander which in turn sends data to SDR Console to control the RX frequency. The problem is the IF can’t be used from what I can tell unless omni rig is running. Is there a way that can be changed?



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