Re: The never-ending screenshot dilemna...

David J Taylor

From: martin m3ghe
I guess I am not alone in only using the only group interface to read and reply. But I am surprised by the numbers that only ever interact by email.

Using e-mail means - for me:

- I can keep a local copy of messages

- I can select maximum attachment size zero, so the server stores the images. This makes the downloads much smaller (important if you're paying for your Internet e.g. while at sea).

- I get the "Edited message" e-mails time and time again, tempting me to block people who do this. Get it right /before/ pressing send! I've disabled the editing facility on the groups I run.

- I don't need to keep logging into the many groups to which I belong - just press F5 on the e-mail program.

So swings and roundabouts!

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