Re: The never-ending screenshot dilemma...

Simon Brown

To be fair, the server help isn't great.

I've made a note to restructure this later today. Rewriting web pages sure beats sticking pins in Voodoo dolls.

Simon Brown, G4ELI

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Manuals: Fine objects of explication of technical art which their intended audience treats as more packing material and discards it with the box in which the artifice it describes came.

Manual MANUAL? I don't need to fookin' manual.


On 20200514 11:35:05, Simon Brown wrote:
Hi, “Attach an unedited,
complete screenshot to a posting in the user group.”

Simon Brown, G4ELI

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*Subject:* [SDR-Radio] The never-ending screenshot dilemna...

I just did a search through everywhere I could think of on this forum
and nowhere could I find the actual instructions for correctly adding
a screenshot to a message, except occasionally within a message thread.

Simon constantly has to tell people to "add a screenshot", yet he
leaves out the all important "as an attachment". And since a
screenshot is a picture, guess what most people will do.

Other people also are constantly complaining about people adding
screenshots as pictures.

So, is there no way to fix this by putting up a message/note/banner of
some kind that would remind folks of how it should be done?

Not being a programmer or a forum moderator I probably don't have the
best answer for this ongoing problem, but if possible it seems to me
the best place for this reminder would be to automatically have a
first line inserted whenever you open a reply box that says something
to the effect of "Always include a screenshot, as an attachment".

Imagine how much stress and annoyance Simon could avoid. It boggles the mind.

regards, Roy

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