Re: The never-ending screenshot dilemna...


I am surprised there are still people alive today who have trouble with "how do I attach this to an email?" Those folks scare me when I realize they can vote, drive cars, and do other dangerous day to day things.


On 20200514 11:00:28, ronwhat wrote:
There are some that do not include screenshot at all, but there seem to be a large number that don’t know or understand the difference between a photo inline vs. attached as a file. I suspect some email programs don’t make it easy to force it as an attachment vs. inline, so it takes more than just a brief line to explain.
Ron Biddle

On May 14, 2020, at 1:51 PM, Stu C <stu@...> wrote:

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Entry 1.*AFSS* "Attach a /fine/ screen shot"


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