Re: Possible Fix For Stuttering / Slowdown #sdrconsolev3 #possibly


Realtime works. I'd recommend seeing of High works. That SHOULD be enough. SDRC has an option to run at "Above normal". That makes it happen every time. And it that priority is enough to make it work then Bob's your uncle.

On 20200514 07:06:02, Larry Ewan wrote:
Here’s how I fixed it on both of my systems that were stuttering:
1. Start SDRC and ignore the stuttering for now
2. Control-Alt-Delete
3. Select Task Manager
4. Click on the details tab (you may have to change to the comprehensive view).
5. Scroll down to SDR Console.exe
6. Right click on SDR Console.exe
7. Choose Set Priority
8. Select Realtime
9. Verify the change by clicking the button and close the Task Manager.
You should now be able to enjoy stutter free listening.
Larry N9JY
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*Date: *Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 9:40 PM
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*Subject: *Re: [SDR-Radio] Possible Fix For Stuttering / Slowdown #sdrconsolev3 #possibly
Hi David,
I thought after making your recommended change that it might have fixed my audio stuttering with SDR-Console under 10 windows.
'Seamed' to have fixed the issue at the times I checked within 48 hours. But then afterwards the Audio stuffer buffer issues returned.
For me the stuttering problem is ALWAYS associated with a large audio buffer figure. Usually any figure higher than 40ms it occurs and intolerable when buffer
gets above 100ms.
I've read where people pipe their SDR-Console audio into VLC via VB Cable & yes that bypasses the audio stutter problem for me with SDR-Console,
but it's a little bother having to do this, especially when the program worked for me under Windows 7.
I never had this issue with my old 2008 era Windows 7 PC with quad core - used until October 2019.
Then on purchase of a friend's old Core i7 3770K (32GB memory) PC with Windows 10 with 'fresh' install of Windows 10 on SSD, I've had this annoying issue.
With the (Win 10 PC) Gigabyte motherboard there is no recent audio driver updates as per Simon's suggestion.
No changes to SDR console's Tools-->Options-->Audio-->Playback-->Buffering makes any 'improvements' to problem as per Simon's suggestions to others in past.
Is suspect it's a Windows 10 issue or some other software issue rather than Simon's program, but I'm at a loss at how to fix....
My PC uses motherboard onboard Audio.
Gigabyte don't provide motherboard support for motherboard issues on cards older than 3 years so I 'bombed out' there.
VIA (audio chipset) support is as good as useless.
They seam to refer uses to Microsoft for such issues. I haven't approached them yet, but SDR-Console is the only audio program that causes this issue.
2. Although maybe an entirely separate issue; I don't get the 'stereo-mix' option with the existing audio drivers (an annoyance when using *Audacity* -
I have to use VB cable to record from internet, as usage of WASAPI not working with Audacity. Also need to alter System sound settings in Control Panel.
I was wondering if purchasing a add-in PCIe audio card might help with these two issues?
Would however like to solve the issues without additional hardware expenditure (if possible?)
I should also mention when I upgraded the parents  PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10 - this audio stuttering with SDR-Console problem also newly developed.
Any suggestions on how fix this audio stutter issue of SDR-Console with Windows 10 *would be greatly appreciated*.

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