Re: Dead simple Arduino MIDI controller for PTT button.

Andrea Dalbagno



By the way, how many free pins did you left on Micro? I mean, is there room for more pushbuttons/encoders or do you think you'll need another Arduino for your planned expansions?

Just ordered some components on Amazon :-)


Il gio 14 mag 2020, 22:02 Christian Veith <dl5cv@...> ha scritto:

Sorry forgot to attach the pictures :(

Am 14.05.2020 um 21:34 schrieb Christian Veith:

Hi Andrea,

yes of course, but i wouldn't call it a PCB ;)

Just a strip pcb meant for prototyping.

The vertically arranged resistors are for limiting the LED current.

The horizontally arranged resistors are pullup resistors for the VFO A, B and PTT Buttons.

There are 3 KY-040 encoders completely with their own pcb and Button and Encoder Output pins.

I've tried to attach them to pins having interrupts in the arduino to have a better switching sense.

I really would like to extend it to have another bunch of controls on it.

I think a RX=TX (On Off), RX -> TX (Sync) would be cool. I also would like to add a Mode selector.

And the top of my list would be a little display to show the selected value, when selecting something ;)

But it had to be quickly available and it's working flawlessly since nearly a year.

Best regards


Am 14.05.2020 um 17:10 schrieb Andrea Dalbagno:
Hallo Chris,
May I ask you to show us, when you have spare time, a schematic of your arduino micro knob or at least a photo of the back of PCBs? 
Thank you very much :-)


Andrea SWL I-1360TN

Il gio 14 mag 2020, 16:13 billcoombes <bill@...> ha scritto:
Thanks Chris and I really appreciate your help.
Bill - G4ERV

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