Re: Can't get ADALM-Pluto to work (Resend)


1) That's better. Thank you.
2) You are set to NFM. Of course that will behave differently from BFM.
3) If you did not perform the "hack" to increase it's frequency range from 325 – 3800 MHz then you're not going to do very well on 100 MHz. (It is very simple. See: )
4) I use RX Filter set to 94% - I forget why.


On 20200514 00:10:46, Bill Walch wrote:
Hello. Just got the ADALM-Pluto, and I'm just not able to get this to work. All I get is garbage data (see screenshot).
I went to the AD Quick Start page ( and installed the latest drivers ( I did not do any other mods (i.e. TCXO), nor a firmware update, or calibration, as I assume it should work in some fashion right out of the box.
To confirm that SDRC is operating correctly, using the same setting (as close as possible), fired up my RSP1A, and it works flawlessly (also see screenshot).
Any suggestions would be great.
P.S. I resent this, as the screen shots attached from the group page resized them too small.

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