Re: More Identities

Lorenz Graßl

Hi Tom,

This has been quite an esoteric discussion which I have enjoyed. However, I'm still confused over the concept of identities in SDRC.
Do identities:
	Mean a user identity?
	A different receiver?
	Different settings for the same radio?

I use the identities rather intense. Identities contain all the settings SDR-Console offers. Size and position of windows, assignment of sound in- and output, levels, equalizer settings, waterfall... and so on. What identities NOT do is: changing/saving definitions of only one radio. So I have my only lime and lime´s settings such as RIT/XIT for example are the same in all identities I use. That means if I change some lime-setting in one ID, it will appear the same in another ID.  I think that IDs can save the radio if you´re using more than one radio-definition. But you will not be able to setup more radio-definition with just one radio. But i did not check this, I just have my limesdr mini.

I use only one radio, a limesdr mini but 4 identities. One is used for SSB "classic" operation on QO-100. When I launch my "SSB-identity" I see the whole spectrum of the satellite, hear sound from my speaker, have the mic assigned as input. On the other hand I have a "regular" DIGI-mode-identity for QO-100. As you can probably imagine: I see just the digi-section of the satellite in the spectrum, have SDR-console´s in/out onnected to virtual audio-cables, have enabled vox, opened up some virtual serial ports for other digi-mode-software to hook up at SDR-console. There´s an id for CW (other filter settings...) one for FT8 (other filter, windows and so on) one for experiments (for not dstroying my previously setup ids) And so on.

IDs are a great feature of SDR-C and couldn´t never be too much! At least 8 or 10 IDs would be great, but I believe in the next release... maybe there will be more ;-)

73 de Lenz,

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