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Agreed - it would be handy to have radio definitions that have the same front end with and without converter present with different names assigned by the user or default different names automatically generated.

But, it ain't broke, just bent a little, so don't fix it yet.

On 20200512 03:28:40, Christian Veith wrote:
do i don't think that the converter settings are stored in registry, as they are contained in "SDR-Console-ConverterDefns.xml" file in appdata folder.
it's not necessary to refactor this part of the console, but it would make things easier when working with the identities.
Just my 5 cents.
Best regards
Am 12.05.2020 um 12:07 schrieb jdow:
Hm, refreshing my memory a bit. The AppData per identity data is basically "finding the fool thing on the computer's hardware topology" plus a curious bit of data or two. VisualGain="0.00000000000000000000", to a ridiculous level of precision" is one of them.

The registry seems to reprise the find me stuff and adds a limited number of receiver settings as well. I am not sure if it stores converter options in there or not as I don't use the converter mode currently.

There may be a data tidiness issue with all the duplications between
appdata and registry. But - it ain't strictly speaking broke so why fix it now?


On 20200512 02:27:05, Christian Veith wrote:
Yes these are the definitions. But in this definitions file is no special configuration contained. These settings are stored in the windows registry.

Am 12.05.2020 um 08:24 schrieb jdow:
They are also stored in the individual identities. I was going to say what you just said until I remembered what I had seen in appdata in my last foray into the roaming SDRV3 folder and found one of these per identity, SDR-Console-RadioDefns.xml. I am not sure which takes precedence for which parameters. (And I am too lazy to exhaustively test.) I do know that I have different radios defined in each of my identities.


On 20200511 22:51:20, Christian Veith wrote:
Thanks for the tip, but that wouldn't be possible.

The hardware configuration of the radios is stored in the Windows registry and the approach chosen is indentity independent.

Please take a look on the screenshot of the registry tree of SDR Console:

Best regards


Am 07.05.2020 um 20:48 schrieb jdow:
Would you settle for allowing the same device to have two different "definitions" and names in the select device dialog? One would be set to have a converter on it and the other to be straight through, perhaps with different input/output RF port selections?

That might have better utility and fall within Simon's concepts.


On 20200507 08:16:53, Christian Veith wrote:
Hi Simon,

thanks for this update :) Do you think it would be possible to have different Radio settings per identity?

What i mean are the settings in this dialog:

I would then configure identity one as my Main HF identity and a second one as Transverter with slightly different settings.

Thanks in advance

Best regards

Christian DL5CV

Am 06.05.2020 um 07:27 schrieb Simon Brown:


In 3.0.23 there are four more optional identities:

Simon Brown, G4ELI

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