Re: SDR-C and lime - Indication of audio-TX but no HF out

Christian Veith

Hi Lorenz,

same issue here but on a Win7 Machine.

Console is starting to transmit. But no HF Out on the lime.

Additional Info at my site:

Killing the SDR Console, when it hangs and goes into App not responding, doesn't really work for me. There's still a background Process in task manager that can't be stopped.

Not via Task Manager, not via pskill. It's really weird.

When restarting again, i can select the Lime Mini in the Radio selection, but can't define the Bandwith as the lime is only configured but not accessible.

Best regards


Am 11.05.2020 um 19:31 schrieb Lorenz Graßl:

Hi to all - and Simon!

My setup:
WIN10, SDR-C latest copy, limeSDR mini

Has anyone of you experienced this:
You transmit audio (e.g. microphone or FT8 from a virtual cable) and everything runs fine. For some reason which I did not discover yet SDR-C indicates "TX" and incoming audio (see ALC in the attached screenshot at 25% from FT8) but there is no HF-out like you can see in the waterfall.

Is there an explanation for that? This happens sometimes rather soon after starting operation, sometimes after a long time (e.g. one hour) while having QSOs.

 An additional information is: if you would like to close SDR-C in this state it "hangs" and you have to force the closing by clicking 2x at the "close-cross" in the upper right corner of SDR-C´s window. After the second click you see the window embedded below this text. Here finally you can close the program.

73 and tnx for thinking,


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