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i give up - that is not a usable image. It looks like it's had material data edited out of it. Check the gain settings is all I can suggest. I'm dropping this.

On 20200511 16:52:58, Richard Miller wrote:
See attached file.
Rich, AJ3G
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Full size picture.
Full size picture.
Full size picture.
It appears your email program is incapable of embedding a full size picture as a full size picture. So you must attach it as a file.
On 20200511 13:20:59, Richard Miller wrote:

I now this has been discussed before. Enclosed I have included a screen shot of Console V3 and my LimeSDR. I just moved back into my old QTH after not being here for a couple of years, so I am working with real antennas and not signal generators!

I distinctly remember solving this noise spike problem where I used to live, and I have followed the procedure listed on the home page. I changed the Visual Gain and Gain per the recommendations, and performed the calibration. Upon completion of the calibration I still get a very noticeable spike.

I feel like I must be missing something, but after playing with this for an hour, I thought maybe someone could see how I am screwing this up.

Thanks in advance!


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