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Dear Simon,
I have a question which application or program you use to make the time keys or activate your software, I hope I have explained.
thank you

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My notes are here: .


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Subject: [SDR-Radio] DSD+ Trunking Setup #bladerf #dsd #trunking #sdrconsolev3 #request


Still confused about trunking setup with DSD+ in Console v3.  SDR system is Console v3 and a Bladerf 2.0 A4 on a dual E5 Xeon, 128G RAM, Titan RTX running Win 10v1909 OS.  No prior experience with trunking but know what a control channel is, have IT skills and my system works great across rest of SDR Console v3 featureset.  I've occasionally heard decodes without understanding why they worked at the time.

I think my problem is I don't understand the setup process, i.e.: what DSD files to edit, what info to put in them (besides control channel), why I am unable to add options / terms to the Control window by typing in field and / or clicking the "+", why my hard-coded edits to SDR's DSD .bat file don't persist after saving, etc.  I do think understand how to route audio, start controller / monitor, install DSD+ and am able to manually surf bands and decode some individual signals.

Thanks for any suggestions.  Learning about P.25 is one of my primary interests in exploring SDR.


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