Re: #Future LimeSDR-USB HF TX #future


Dear Simon,
My previous post about this problem has nr #46403 dated 04-27-19.
Do you have any idee why the limesdr usb has problems with tx on 100 khz to 30 mhz with versions 3.0.6 up to 3.0.22 and works works well on that segment if the SDRSourceLime.dll is replaced by that DLL from version 3.0.5 (02-08-19) ?
The lime has the latest firmware.
Using the ini file does freezing the program.
O.C the dll from 3.0.5 has limitations no duplex, bandwidth etc.
I modified my lime conform the directions of the lime engineers.
The now available limes are modified with specs from 100 khz to 3.8 GHZ
Curious about your answer and ready to be beta tester.

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