Re: Ettus Support - Testers Needed

Charly DF5VAE

Hello Simon,
just received an USPR N-200 with 50-2200 WBX MHz daughter board. (and a spare LFrx-LF, which I don't need)

As I am not really competent with software, it took me some time to read manuals and find the (pre-owner modified) IP address - and even more time to feflash it to original software.
(fortunately SDR-console) indicated by an errorrmessage how to reflash..- copy and past and it started working after reflash)

SDR console now recognises correctly as Ettus N-200 (but only as 50-500MHz Rx) so far.
If I set BW greater than 2 MHz audio gets distorted. (I5 PC - 2700Mhz - 1GBit Lan - offline) - will test next week with 8core CPU)

I send an application for your ettus test team (as user only) -
I may get a second unit (thery are used but as new -& at reasonable cost)
Charly DF5VAE

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