Re: sdrplay rsp 1A & kx3 & dxlabsuite & win4k3suite & Omnirige

Steve KH6CT

Hi Robert...
I'm using a similar set of software except for the KX3; using a Yaesu FTdx-3000 here.  Maybe I can help with some of your questions.

I am totally confused. (which you can tell by the question)
+  No need to be confused; we can work it out.
I want to control my K3X (CAT)
+  Using Win4Yaesu to control my radio.  I've used Commander and Ham Radio Deluxe, and really think Win4Yaesu is the best.

I want to use the rsp 1A as a panadapter
+  That's what I use.

so what software can I use to get all this to work together?
+  With my Yaesu, I'm using Win4Yaesu, RSP1A, SDR Consloe as a panadapter only and DXLabs for logging, spot collecting, and QRZ lookup.  I also use a little free program called com0com for establishing virtual serial ports.  Also use another little free program called OmniRig which is needed for connecting to SDRConsole

DXlabs would be my preference as I have used it in the past and find it the 'BEST'
+  Agree with DXLab being the best for logging, spots, using Google Earth to graphically see where your QSO partner is, and QRZ lookups, but not really pleased with its rig control functions

I read that win3k4suite can work with dxlabs (is that not a duplicate function?)
+  My Win4Yaesu works perfectly with DXLabs, but I do not use DXLab for rig control.  For my purposes, Win4Yaesu is much easier.  I only use DXLab Commander as a point to connect my Yaesu with the spot collector.  Then, when I click on a spot in DXLab, my Yaesu and SDR Console both QSY to the spot's frequency, and the QRZ page pops up with all the info needed.

and there is SDRUno which shows/controls the rsp1a
+  SDRUno is also a free panadapter offered by the SDRPlay folks.  SDR Console is also free and far, far better than SDRUno.

I read that there is some reference that commander can control the KX3 and 'sdr radios'
+  Believe that Commander will control the KX3, but not so sure about 'sdr radios'.  Ask that one on the DXLab group and you will get a quick answer.

I also seen that DXLabs does have waterfall screen
+  DXLabs does have a waterfall/spectrum screen, but only works for Icom radios at present.
so that is a lot.
but I also wonder the hardware configuration. I assume that the kx3 usb cable is connected to the PC as well as the RSP 1A connected to another usb cable to the PC. I will be getting mfj-1708sdr to share the antenna with the radio
+  Your assumption is correct.
1) do I need win4k3suite (paid)?
+  No, not really.  But using Commander for rig control is a bit difficult for me.  Some programming is required to set up the sliders and button selectors, and I'm not very good at that.  Win4Yaesu and Win4KX3 are already set up for every control you need plus other features not in Commander.  My Yaesu sits on the top shelf of the ham shack table, and I never touch it except for the on/off switch.  There is a 30 day free trial for the software, give it a try and then make a decision.

2) can commander be the central controlling of everything with a waterfall?
+  Commander will not present a waterfall for the K3.

3) where does OMNIRIG play in this, even if that is needed in the first place
+  OmniRig is a free program which is used as a connection point between your radio and SDR Console.  Straightforward and easy to use.  You will need it if you use SDRUno or SDR Console.

Feel free to ask any other questions.  This is a good, friendly forum.

73,  Steve KH6CT

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