Re: 10M Band Tuning

Steve KH6CT

Greetings Simon...
     Still confused here.  I did create a new identity and have them both on the same screen.  See Two IDs.png.  Your email indicates that I should make sure I have connection between the two instances...  I'm not so sure how to do that.  And by "connection between the two instances", does that mean that the two instances should by in sync with themselves and the radio ?  The instructions on the website say to "Connect to the other end of the virtual serial cable".  Connect the other end to what ?  And connect the first end to what ?  I have made virtual serial cables with com0com, but am a little fuzzy on which end goes where.
     I'm sure that when I get things properly set up, that the testing can be completed.

Sorry for the hassle and apologize for my lack of understanding.
73  Steve KH6CT

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