Missing External Radio Interface display #ettusb210

Nico Ebbendorf


Have been setting up Console to operate with HRD and later N1MM. Found to use different configurations for COM ports but got it working and require different settings when swopping the apps. (Anyway this might be another question later).
Now I trying to get CW kimmer working with Console software and strugling with the CAT. My main problem now is that the "External Radio Interface display"that shluld apear below the IF display does not come on when selcting and restarting the Console.(it did when I was setting up for HRD and N1MM.

How can I get this window started so that I can figure out to set up Omnirig.

Console V3
Latest ver. CW-Skimmer
FT 1000 MP Field
Windows 10 (64 bit)
VB Audio
VSP Manager

73, Nico / PA3ADU

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