Re: my SDRPlay RSP1a is doing something weird on 6 meters


If you are not using SDR Console you will not get help here, most likely. Simon is not support for anything other than SDR Console and SDR Server, his own software. If you are using a different SDR software package, please don't try to get help here.


On 20200416 16:11:34, K4TK wrote:
It's as if we're talking apples and oranges here. I'm using SDRPlay RSP1A from the IF 9 Mhz output of a Yaesu FTDX 101D as the input for HDSDR as a Panadapter/Bandscope to show the output of the FTDX 101D on a screen. The ONLY config I have in my SDRPlay RSP1a is this screen. There are NONE of the things you list above....NONE................  This is a panadapter setup for an FTDX 101D using SDRPlay RSP1A and HDSDR and Omnirig.
Titus, AL

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