Waterfall Freezing

Steve KH6CT

Waterfall freezes after a period of 5 hours or so when running but not being used.  Image remains present but no longer updating or showing new traces.  Markers showing spots, however will update.  With cursor in waterfall area, mouse wheel and a left click will cause a QSY.  This action also causes radio to track.  Tuning the radio or Win4Yaesu will cause Console to QSY.  Changing bands using favorites will also QSY but waterfall goes black.  Outside of the either frozen or black waterfall, things seem to function as normal.  Restart of Console seems to be the only fix.  Just using Console as a panadapter only.  Rig is a FTdx-3000 --> Win4Yaesu --> Console V3.  Computer is Dell, i7, 16 Gb RAM.  Screenshot attached.
Anyone have any suggestions for a fix... ??

Thanks, Steve KH6CT

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