SDR with Zoom...

Bruce Tanner

Just had an interesting test with using the features of the Zoom app with my SDR app. It is connected to an ANAN 10E, using the open version of “Power SDR “.

I was able to connect with a friend in Florida from my Michigan QTH on Zoom. By turning on the SDR locally and then dragging it onto the Zoom window, other parties in the session are able to see and hear the SDR app fully functioning. But wait, there’s more...

Zoom has a feature whereby you can share control of your mouse with one or more people in your meeting. By using that feature, my friend in FL was able to actually manipulate all features on my radio by clicking on the various SDR app buttons. He then established a QSO with a station in Texas via CW on his own rig. We were both able to watch and listen to that over Zoom via my amplified antenna in Michigan!

Haven’t had so much fun since my Novice years 63 years ago! Give it a try. You may like it!

Hope this finds everyone safe, and well. Take care of yourselves and others in your midst.

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