Re: Console V 3.0.21 freeze ups

Allan Isaacs

Same goes for me David with my i5 and issue 3.0.20

My SDR makes a grumbling stuttering noise when the number in the little box labelled “Audio” rises to 100s of milliseconds.

It seems to happen quite randomly when nothing else significant is running with CPU at 1% and GPU 29%.

The Audio figure will suddenly move up from 61mS to say 294% with the increase lagging the stutter.

After a bout of stutter the Audio drops back to 61mS or less..

I tried opening and closing applications but the audio number doesn’t change, but opening a website will make the Audio figure rise maybe 10mSec.

Basically, nothing I do causes the stutter to start… it just happens.

I also note that at random CPU will drop to 0.1%, GPU 17% and Audio 41mSec.

Very puzzling, but it doesn’t really bother me.

Allan G3PIY

From: [] On Behalf Of David Jackson
Sent: 01 April 2020 15:04
Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] Console V 3.0.21 freeze ups


I have an i7 3.4Ghz with an Nvidia GPU and 16Gb of ram and it locks/stutters/lags when I'm running 2 VFOs, VAC, WSJT-X and GridTracker.

It's not my power settings, it's not thermal throttling, it's not a lack of CPU, GPU or memory (all of that stays below 20% utilization).

It's not USB bandwidth, USB 3.0 ports all 'round for a max sample rate of 768Khz with an Airspy HF+.

This is a gaming laptop, it runs Unreal Engine 4 games 1920x1080 at 60fps so it's not my hardware, it's something in Console (I suspect the WASAPI

audio, I never really had a problem until I wasn't able to switch between WASAPI to the other option that was available but has been deprecated).

I've got an archive of previous SDR-Console V3 builds as far as January 2017, I should get scientific and load up whatever oldest rev supports the

HF+ and do some comparison testing. If anyone is interested in the older builds, I can make them available.



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