Re: panadapter RTL-SDR IC-756pro2


(Apparently this was stuck on your machine for several days....)

So you are changing the tuned frequency for the radio and there is a pause while you are tuning the radio. This is mildly ambiguous to me. Is the display still running but not showing updated data? (That was my interpretation.) Or are you saying that drawing the display pauses until tuning stops?

And very roughly how long is "objectionable."

If the display keeps running but the data is stale this may be unavoidable. The display can lag due to the time the FFT takes to calculate and how long it takes for new data to even reach the FFT calculation. If objectionable is in the 10 ms to 100 ms range for new data to reach the screen as you tune but the display is still updating normally, I am afraid you're stuck with it if reducing "Resolution" on the View menu to "Standard" is not sufficient. Also set the dongle to 2.4 MHz sample rate. If it is longer than that then there is a problem.

If the display completely update stops while you are tuning then Simon has a problem to fix.


On 20200326 08:32:23, iz1fks wrote:
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I'm not doing any comparison with the 756pro2 built in panadaptor, it does not make sense.
I'm doing comparison inside sdr console using the same RTL-SDR (tried also at 2.4M) in panadapter mode with or without the SDR=> RADIO tracking function activated as visible in the attached video.
The spectrum from the RTL-SDR is okay, the issue appears ONLY when activating the SDR=>RADIO tracking that is fundamental for panadapter function.
using the setup for qo-100 with SDR=>RADIO and RADIO=>SDR tracking rtl-sdr from external radio vfo used in tx with upconverter function (and not using IF) behaviour looks very fine.

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