Re: Video recorder not recording audio #sdrconsolev3


Hi Wojciech

I think I found your problem. I did a few tests and found that SDRC will not record any audio on the video recording unless default audio playback device in Windows is set to (in my case) speaker out, i.e. the analogue output from the soundcard. It does not seem to make any difference what selection is made in the SDRC audio playback device selector (top of the DSP panel), but the default playback device in Windows must be set to produce "audible" audio from the analogue out.

So go to Windows Start menu, type "Audio Devices" and in the Audio Devices dialogue (see picture), I would be willing to bet that you have default playback device set to VAC, Line 1 or something digital route other than the analogue audio out device. Set default playback device to "Speakers" and it hopefully will now record with audio (see attached picture). I was able to reproduce this very reliably. What is odd is that with the default playback device in Windows set to VAC, and SDRC sound then routed to VAC in the DSP panel, it still generated mute recordings, even though I can see audio is reaching the VAC . But I did then get audio if I used "Audio Repeater" (software obtainable to "listen" to audio from VAC on speakers) to route the audio through from VAC to the analogue audio out of my PC soundcard.

I wonder if Simon could perhaps take a look and see where the audio for video recording is actually being obtained? I have a feeling it may not be quite correctly routed to take the digital audio straight from SDRC? It seems to only record audio when that audio is being routed to the analogue audio out from the soundcard, in my case anyway? I would guess you have the same situation. Any thoughts Simon?



On Tue, Mar 31, 2020 at 10:34 PM, goscickiw wrote:
Yes, I have read this, but there's nothing that would describe a problem like mine. As you can see in my sample, I have a receiver with 100% volume and not muted. I can hear the sound normally while recording, but the recording itself is silent. Also I don't get any error messages.

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