Re: Procesoor vs GPU benefit #sdrconsolev3 #suggestion #gpu

Kriss Kliegle KA1GJU

Simon has the following posted for suggested minimum computer requirements:

   I would say it depend upon how one uses the software. Some are running numerous RXR's at the same time, piping audio via VAC to decoders.
Some like to see vast bandwidths of spectrum at a time, while others are looking at a mere 30 kHz of spectrum. Decoding FM requires more CPU than SSB.
Simon has been chipping away at the coding, making improvements to reduce CPU loading, server streaming efficiency, WiFi efficiency, etc.

   Yes, having a separate graphics card helps off load the work to be done on the processor. Especially if you are ones using SDRC to the extreme. I use it on just one frequency (one RXR) at a time, like I would a 'real radio'. I can do this with a simple little Atom processor W7 64bit netbook, but it can stumble if operated on high bandwidths. My HP i3 laptop I got for $45 off Craigslist works perfectly for what I need it to do, even works off the WiFi to access my servers. Most laptops have some sort of primitive GPU installed, so unless you are doing the things mentioned above, any i3 and higher is fine.
   There are more folks here on the group that speak computers and can answer your question more specifically. I just know which laptops from my pile work well and not so well.

73 Kriss KA1GJU

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