Re: Notching out one frequency

Allan Isaacs

Thanks Tom

My own aerial stopped working recently because rain got into the diecast box and is now horizontal (in a queue) awaiting attention. Alas.. it was still at the experimental stage!

500pF Varicap diodes are on ebay unless you have an old medium wave set you can cannibalise?

When it was working it completely got rid of local interference so I must resurrect it because my neighbour has started using mains Ethernet adaptors for his smart TV.

There’s a U-tube video which deals with filters to eliminate pick up on feeders which I’d like to try when back in business.

73 Allan G3PIY

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Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] Notching out one frequency



What an extremely good read. I’ve had it in my mind to use varicaps for tuning a MW frame antenna and you’ve set me on a path!

Many thanks



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