Re: KimeSDR-USB with Ham It Up v1.3 Barebones - HF Upconverter for HF TX/RX?

Allan Isaacs


I bought my Lime, having been fooled by their phoney specification.

Since then I made a converter for receiving 0-30MHz and shifting up to 50-80MHz using a simple circuit using a 50MHz crystal, a diode ring mixer with some filtering etc.

That area is free from major transmissions here and it works really well. Just as good as my SDR Play.

You can now buy suitable converters very cheaply.


I planned to build a downconverter for transmit but other interests have taken precedence but I see it is now common practice.


It is worth continuing with your Lime Ed considering the cash tied up in them. Maybe start off with a cheap upconverter for receiving HF?

73 Allan G3PIY


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Subject: [SDR-Radio] KimeSDR-USB with Ham It Up v1.3 Barebones - HF Upconverter for HF TX/RX?


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Since HF TX seems to be a non starter with the LimeSDR-USB, I was wondering if this product would allow mw to TX/RX on the HF ham bands? If not, are there any other inexpensive products that may work?
I do not really understand all the techy jargon & am still trying to put together a ham radio.
I have:
low level amplifiers for drivers
Yaseu 857D RF amp/LPF/BPF board. HF/VHF/UHF
I would love to restart this project without investing in yet another SDR.

Thank you,


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