Re: Mute audio

Joe W4WT

Simon, the radio is an IC-9700.  I don't want to use SDRC as the controlling program for the 9700 for several reasons.  I want SatPC32 to do that.

JDOW, auto mute will NOT work in this scenario.  If you work satellites you know that your signal on the downlink is varying considerably and at it's strongest is virtually the same as any other strong signal.  Thus Auto Mute would mute you and many others.  Auto mute is designed to work with a much stronger signal like you would have if you were transmitting on or near the same frequency that the receiver is tuned to.  That is not the case here.

If we go back to my original desire, it was to use SDRC and it's connected SDR as a separate receiver ONLY.  Many separate receivers have a method to mute their audio based on a keyed line; Icom's IC-R8600 is an example.

And again, I wasn't asking for coding to be done to add this in; I just inquired if there was an existing way to do it.  I have a work-around so I'm good!  I think it would be nice for this function to be put on a "wish list" for the future as I doubt I'm the only one that would like this functionality (Sigi).

Joe W4WT

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