Re: Mute audio


Home menu->Auto Mute->Enable
Home menu->Auto Mute->Options to set levels that get muted.


On 20200325 10:56:06, Joe W4WT wrote:
I don't have SDRC hooked up to an external radio so CAT is out.  It is just being used as a receiver.  Using Tmate or MIDI isn't really practical since I could just as easily wire a relay into the audio to the headphones to cut the audio circuit when the transmitter is keyed for a lot less money and bother particularly since I have no use for either of those options for their primary functions.
Having a separate receiver (SDRC) and being able to mute that receiver when keying up a transmitter is kind of a standard feature with Ham Radio.  I'm surprised there isn't something like toggling DTR/CTS/RTS on a serial port that allows this.
Thanks to all that responded.  I think the relay option is what I will use lacking anything better.
Joe W4WT

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