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I've written a long reply to you about how delays come about in the software. The longest delays appear in the spectrum generation process. The more detail in the spectrum the more samples go into creating it. If you want say 1Hz resolution it will take as much as two seconds to generate that spectrum. That cannot be shortened except by reducing resolution. (The ProII resolution is VERY low (very few and wide bins). SDRC does not go down there.

So you are going to have to live with it.

On 20200325 06:16:57, iz1fks wrote:
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thank for your reply, I try to describe the behaviour in more detail.
my setup:
SDR console 3.0.21
ICOM IC-756pro2 with cat control rs232, serial speed 19200bd
RTL-SDR is connected to the first IF tap of the rig (64.455 MHz).
external radio setting:
Using these setting frequency display in sdr console shows the frequency of the rtx vfo in the right way changing smoothly while rotating the vfo on the rig. the frequency display below the spectrum view is correct.
Unfortunately the spectrum is not updating smoothly as the frequency display while vfo is being rotated, but with a serius lag.
If I disable the SDR=>Radio tracking in the external radio configuration tab, the frequency indication in the main receive window of sdr console is lost as well as the frequency scale below the spectrum, but the spectrum is refreshed very quickly.
I have tried to perform a test simulating QO-100 satellite operation using the external rig set with upconverter function for tx uplink in external radio tab, and the RTL-SDR set as direct antenna insted of IF output. Here every thing is working fine the spectrum i smoothly updated accoring to rtx tx vfo changing, so I think the issue should be about IF output setting with SDR=>Radio tracking.
I hope the behaviour colud be a little better detailed now, I don't know if a video could be uploaded here, it will be very easy to understand.
73 de Phil, iz1fks

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