Re: Signal History not showing in SDR Console Screenshot.


Full size screen shot picture?

On 20200323 07:23:52, myosotis123 via Groups.Io wrote:
Help please.
I started using SDR Console to record signal history about a week ago, on the 20th March I could use the Screenshot function to record the Signal History pane at the bottom of the screen, having set up equipment and done a 700 second run this morning I clicked Screenshot and the Signal History pane does not show.
I have re started SDR Console and the computer - several times - and changed SDR receiver but it still will not show Signal History when using Screenshot.  If I use Control + Print Screen then Signal History will appear in a word processor program over the waterfall but with a considerable reduction in quality.  I have only one signal pane open and am using 1 MHz bandwidth to cover the 160 metre amateur band and the bottom part of Medium Wave.
I am using version 3.0.15 (October 2019) which has been running 5 or 6 hours a day over the last 5 days, I cannot see any changes since I started using it.
Any suggestions gratefully received,

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