Re: option to connect 2nd virtual cable to SDR consiole


I am not sure what you mean here Max. You can already select separate audio outputs for each receiver, if you have enough audio output devices to which it can be routed. Those are what you setup with VAC, VAB, various USB audio devices, and so forth.


On 20200323 07:03:49, Max wrote:
Hi Charly
I have requested multiple switchable audio outputs from Simon and he has it on his list.
In the meantime see this very useful prog (recommended by someone on here earlier...... apologies, no time to look to see who it was):
Allows you to select VAC or VB-Audio as output on SDRC then monitor that source in speakers/headphones. Very neat little prog from the author of VAC.
You can also "listen" to the VB-Cable or VAC in Windows Sounds Settings but it is cumbersome and not as neat.

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