option to connect 2nd virtual cable to SDR consiole

Charly DF5VAE

May be I have not found an already existing option to route audio in SDR console to an external prg (other than CW skimmer) via a virtual audio cable.

Tried to activate VB-cable (in Skimmer setup) - but no success - unable to route that virtual audio cable to WSJT.
I can activate VB-cable only as autio output from SDR console (instead of loudspeaker or Headphone) and use volume control to adjust level, but loose my loudspeaker/Headphone then .

Question: is it possible to program a separate independant connection interface to use a virtual audio cable.

Tested FT8 via qo-100. Such test allows to check narrow band frequency stability and measure Tx-Rx offset in low Hz range without any Test equipment!.

With not more than 100mW uplink power (in shack) and 15m coax to Poty feed I manage solid FT8 copy in downlink (with 12Hz offset)
Amazing stability (using SV1AVN GPSDO) and beacon lock in SDR console.
Well done!
73, Charly DF5VAE

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