Re: frequency setting

Thank you very much for your rapid help !
May I ask another question ?
I intend to receive VDL2 data via Multipsk and SDR console. I suppose this is feasible and is already done by some members of this group.
I would be most obliged for any respective hints-setup instructions - screen shots etc.
I look forward to your continued help.

Betreff: Re: [SDR-Radio] frequency setting
Datum: 2020-03-22T19:05:22+0100
Von: "jdow" <jdow@...>
An: "" <>

Have you visited to read the support data? And off
hand I suspect the SDR-Play quick setup guide won't be nearly as good as you
might hope for an AirSpy mini.

You might want to show us a screen shot of what you have. Off hand I am
astonished you cannot find mode options. And a "VFR" mode would not be one of them.

If you want the FM band on the left below the ribbon you should see the Receive
DSP panel. The top selection is labeled "Receive". Below that set is "Mode" with
things like AM, FM, NFM. For FM broadcast select BFM.

If you start the radio a "Radio" selection appears with things like "Help" at
the top which launches your browser at "". For
gain I have set up here with the "Sensitive" option to 13 and a visual gain at
-30, which at one point was reasonably calibrated. New versions of firmware
suggest I perform a calibration again. But, it works more than adequately with
that level of fine tuning.

{^_^} Joanne

On 20200322 08:42:33, fly.fechter@... wrote:
Hallo to you all !
I just downloaded SDR console V.3.0.20 on my Windows 10 64bit o.s. My dongle at
present is the Airspy Mini.
I am unable to set up correctly any frequency even for the crowded FM range !
The SDRplay quick guide refers to a side panel for the frequency explorer and
the DSP options (mode VFR etc.) and shortcut settings  via buttons highlighted
in the center and/or near the Home button.. I fail to locate and use these
buttons in the version 3.0.20 I downloaded !
May I ask you for your kind advice re solving my problems ?
Thank you very much in advance,

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