Re: pa0nhc : Ferrite for denoising.

Nico H.C.J. Veth


For ferrite cores which will be used to suppress noises on cables, ONLY use ferrite #31.


Fiar Rite 04 31 17 64 51 is a split core “Snap It”. with a 19mm hole. Easy to wind cable through it.

  • Order for more than 50 Euros at, and you get rabat, AND free shipping. ç

Ferroxcube  3S4 material is equivalent.  Ring core 36/23/15-3S4 Is available at .

On my site  is a lot of info, and an article in English about my active receiving loop antenna :
Read : “Construction details and testing”. At the bottom of this PDF you find the instruction for denoising.
Also read : :”Denoising the external power supply”

                     “Blocking mains related noises”.


The article “Common Mode Chokes” is at the moment only in Dutch language, as it is a translated subset of a very detailed article by K9YC. I will translate it in Engles, so you can read the most useful info it here later.


DO NOT use other ferrites. Read why.


73’s, Nico pa0nhc.


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Van: Ron
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Onderwerp: Re: [SDR-Radio] Can You Recognize This QRM Nightmare That Just Began?



Mouser UK 623-0431177081

Ron, G6BMY

On 13/03/2020 07:27, f5mwa wrote:

Hello Allen,

Many thanks for the info on the noise suppressor (via M0NWK)

No way to find the P/N you or also M0NWK have given i.e. Fair-Rite #043177081.
Mouser or even Fair-Rite do not have such reference #.
Can you please specify your source ?

Many thanks in advance

Ezio - K3EK - F5MWA





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