Re: Can You Recognize This QRM Nightmare That Just Began?


Allen, please post full details!

Michael 2E0IHW

On 12/03/2020 15:46, Allen wrote:

I built mains chocks the eliminate most all RF that is present in the circuit. I takes it to ground. I also have a earth ground that is connected and inside my unit it takes the circuit ground and takes it to earth ground. I have a FairiRite 043177081 about $17.13 plus shipping. I have built many and they are all amazed on how well it eliminated RF. One had a bad transformer by his yard. He connected this unit and he went to zero floor noise. I had a battery charger in my home and it was almost a S9 and when I connected mine up it went to zero floor noise. If any one is interested in the parts list and how it is made I can provide this. I should get everything together and do another post with all the info and pics if there are people interested.
Allen Higgins

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