Re: Freezing in TX mode

Christian Veith

Hi Gérard,

i use a program called Lime Suite GUI for updating the firmware.

As Simon switched over to a newer dll for the lime some versions ago, it would be good to check that.

Please check for the Lime Suite GUI Application.

After connection to the Lime via (Options -> ConnectionsSettings) you can see the current Firmware and Harware Revision in the Textbox at the bottom, as well as in the status bar.

Mine is giving me the following output:

[21:10:54] INFO: Reference clock 40.00 MHz
[21:10:54] INFO: Connected Control port: LimeSDR-Mini FW:6 HW:2 Protocol:1 GW:1.30 Ref Clk: 40.00 MHz

When you got another output it would be great to use (Modules -> Programming). In the upcoming dialog you should have "Automatic" selected as the programming mode and then click Program. Lime Suite GUI will then automatically download the newest Firmware files for your Lime Mini.

By the way, i'm using the limesdr mini via USB2 on a fairly old computer with windows 7.

Sometimes i have an issue transmitting. SDRC goes to TX but there's no output from the lime. Sometimes SDRC crashes then and sometimes a process stays in Task manager.

Best regards


Am 01.03.2020 um 12:02 schrieb f6ehj@...:

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Hi Christian,

Thanks for your interest.

The SDR Console version is V3.0.20 build 1773

Concerning the Lime mini I am not sure if this is the last version. I'm not sure how to check that.

Connection is via USB3

The receiving section is working properly.

I have installed the software on a brand new ASUS desktop  Vivobook17 and also on a small ASUS PC, the results are the same.

Previously in sept 2019 (with an earlier version of SDR Console and an i5 PC), everything was OK.

750kHz setting is used.

Best 73




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