Decimal digit in frequency entry window

Christian Veith

Hi Simon,

First things first. Thank you very much for the time writing that excellent piece of software :) I'm using it since June for QO-100 with a lime sdr mini and now with a hermes-lite for shortwave.

I've found an issue within the frequency entry dialog. I'm using a German keyboard layout (qwertz), de-DE.

On that particular layout a comma key is located on the number pad, where a dot is on en-GB or en-US layouts.

SDR Console expects a dot when entering frequencies in MHz. It would be nice if SDR Console would respect the locale settings of the operating system at this point, as the decimal separator char is the comma in some countries.

The Version that i use is 3.0.20.


Entering the value 10.123 results in 10.123 MHz

When entering 10,123 it only lets me enter 10,1 and the result is this:

Best regards


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