Re: No Tx with v3.0.21 and Pluto #adalmpluto

Simon Brown



Also I suggest checking the way I configure the station: and enable Frequency, Mode synchronisation. Tuning will be easier.


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] No Tx with v3.0.21 and Pluto #adalmpluto



Sorry for doing this mass . . . 


Just found my mistake - I just put Mikrofone back on default and now it’s all OK again.


Anyway - Thank you !!!

My donation to dog food just hit your Paypal Account . . .


Have a great day and thank you for the fantastic SW,



Am 20.02.2020 um 14:04 schrieb Wolf <wolfram.pueschner@...>:




Attached are  System Details and Screenshot.


Pluto doesn’t show any output power if I key Tune in SSB or Tx in FM.

And it did perfectly before.


I tried 3 different Pluto’s – it’s all the same.


Something re the Transmit Meter Panel: If my recollection is right

I saw before 6 bars. Now it’s only 3…?


Did I do something wrong . . . ?


73, Wolf  - DF7KB



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Betreff: Re: [SDR-Radio] No Tx with v3.0.21 and Pluto #adalmpluto




You believe the software is broken, it may be a user problem. Either way unless you show me your screen there’s no way I can see how the software is running.


Go to and follow the instructions, please!


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Sent: 20 February 2020 11:13
Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] No Tx with v3.0.21 and Pluto #adalmpluto


Hi Simon,


What do you need to get access ?


Pluto is running on the LAN again now.




Am 20.02.2020 um 08:31 schrieb Simon Brown <simon@...>:




I can’t see your screen from here.



Simon Brown, G4ELI


From: <> On Behalf Of wolfram.pueschner@...
Sent: 20 February 2020 07:15
Subject: [SDR-Radio] No Tx with v3.0.21 and Pluto #adalmpluto


Pluto for QO100 running on LAN. 
I installed v3.0.21. All seemed to work well  . . .   
Next day Tx doesn't show any power output at Pluto anymore. 
Rx still ok.
Any idea . . . ?

Oh - I should mention . . . We tried 3 different Plutos. All show same effect.
It must be SW . . .
Help really appreciated.
Wolf - DF7KB 



<Screenshot-2020-02-20-135255.png><System Details_1.txt><554051245EAC4CF3A80826AEE859EA9D.png><633BCF8E432D470EAF8C0BA4055EE6F2.png>


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