Re: CW with Pluto

Christian Veith

Hi Noel,

I recently had a cw qso with DP0GVN. I used a virtual audio cable and let mrp40 key the cw via audio. Not perfect but it worked ;)

Best 73s

Christian DL5CV

Am 18. Februar 2020 23:16:30 MEZ schrieb Noel f6bgc <f6bgc74@...>:
Hi Group,

I've an Adalm Pluto setup for QO-100 connected to sdr-console via 25m ethernet cable.
Works perfectly in SSB, but ...

How to connect a real CW-key to SDR-console in order to send CW ?
or ... another solution, like typing CW on keyboard or using pre-defined macro , or serial/network link to logger like win-test ?


73 - noel f6bgc

Vy 73 de DL5CV

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