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Tomi Tikkanen <oh8lrb@...>

Hi Folks!
..continue , 

today I checked firmware of the Pluto, and seems it's on date and latest version.

I attached one picture both of running tx by v3.0.14 and v3.0.21.
Now I got visible my three several signals by pluto when I'm testig  v3.0.21.
Both version picture I have locked the beacon, but v3.0.21 not using xit like  v3.0.14 have xit-50.000.
The pluto I'm using by ethernet 60m cable and adapter usb/ethernet  made by Green.

I like using my QO100 station by Sdr Console and interested find out the case. 
This time I don't have idea is the reason harware, software or I need to find out do more settings with wersions after v3.0.14.

Tomi oh4ms

la 15. helmik. 2020 klo 23.22 jdow (jdow@...) kirjoitti:

I'd not try to get support for something that old were I you. You complain about
how it works and in the same breath say all is fine with the version you are
using. "A contradiction it makes," says Yoda.


On 20200215 12:59:01, Tomi Tikkanen wrote:
> Hi Folks!
> ..continue , I forgot mention about attached picture ,
> -why tx/rx - lsb/usb -because the newer/bigger version than 0.14 is possible
> understand message (modulation) that way
> -why xit -50.000 -because beacon has chance the frq
> -why v3.0.14 -because all is fine
> Kindly
> Tomi oh4ms

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