Re: Pluto michmatch SDR Console newer versions #sdrconsole #qo100 #adalmpluto

Siegfried Jackstien

wow ... so many faults in one setup

use geosationary beacon locking... thats needed for stability on receive (all lnb do drift a bit except gps locked ones)

set lnb correct (plusminus a few hundred hertz is best but depends on stability of your lnb used)

set tx/rx sync to on (not only frequency but also mode!!)


then tune plutos ppm value till tx and rx do match

in my case i tune the trimmer of a tuneable tcxo and set plutos clock to exact 40 megs and forgetabouttheppmsettings :-)

you have to set ppm value till rx and tx do match (WITH ACTIVATED GEO BEACON LOCK!!)

then ... you can set rit and xit to 0hz!!!

and all is transceive and synced well

dg9bfc sigi

Am 15.02.2020 um 20:15 schrieb Tomi Tikkanen:

Hi Folks!

I downloaded & install the new 0.21 version again. I took print screen (not recommended ?)
Result about TX was the same like always here were happened after version 3.014.

I tohught if my pluto may need update firmware, but I flashed latest pluto firm at autumn 2019.

Tomi oh4ms

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